Online Publication

In addition to printed publications, Negah Scientific Publisher also provides electronic publishing services to journals for increasing their publication speed as well as widespread, international, and convenient distribution of their papers. After online publication of the papers in website, the articles are uploaded to many academic social networks such as ResearchGate, Academia, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mendeley, etc. to increase their impact factor.

Online Publication in PDF, HTML and XML

  • Publishing papers in high quality semantically enriched XML, HTML and PDF.
  • Creating accessible enriched PDFs in compatible with indexing centers & search engines

Publishing: Improving Visibility of Articles

  • Improving visibility of the journal’s articles and increasing their impact factor
  • Management of online and offline publishing of articles
  • Establishing online management of journals
  • Publishing articles in academic social networks, including Mendeley, ResearchGate, Academia, CiteULike, LinkedIn, etc.  
  • Registration Crossref doi & CrossMark for articles

Content Marketing

Content Marketing of journals and articles is a unique service provided by Negah Scientific Publisher to the scholars and experts in different scientific fields. This service is provided in three levels:
  • Marketing of journals to call for papers according to their aims and scope;
  • Marketing of articles to increase their international visibility and citations
  • Marketing of journals to attract editorial staff and international reviewers;

Social Network Management Services

In order to promote the scientometric indices of articles, Negah Scientific Publisher share the published papers of journals in different social networks such as ResearchGate, Academia, LinkedIn, Mendeley, CiteUlike, and so on. In this way, the visibility and citation of the articles increase through searching and sending invitations to the target audiences in scientific networks. 


Publishing Articles on website
10 EUR/Per Article
Publishing HTML Format of Articles
13 EUR/Per Article
CrossRef doi XML format
3 EUR/Per Article
5 EUR/Per Article
XML Format in PubMed Central
2 EUR/Per Page
Social Networks
10 EUR/Per Article
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